The Toastmasters Education Program, Presenter’s Guide 300A


“The Toastmasters Educational Program” discusses the Toastmasters International education system and the recognition members may earn for participating in it. This product consists of four parts:
• Definition and explanation of the presentation
• Guidelines for your introduction to the audience
• Outline for the development of your speech
• CD of a PowerPoint presentation to be viewed along with your speech

The-Toastmasters-Educational-Program-300AThe educational program is the heart of every Toastmasters club. It provides members with a proven curriculum that develops communication and leadership skills one step at a time, with many opportunities for awards and recognition along the way. The communication and leadership tracks are not mutually exclusive; members may participate in both at the same time.

The core of the communication track is the Competent Communication manual. The 10 speech projects in this manual help members develop their speaking skills one step at a time. When members finish all of the projects, they are eligible for Competent Communicator (CC) recognition, for which they receive a CC certificate and, if this is the member’s first CC award, two Advanced Communication Series manuals free of charge. Every member should strive to earn the CC award.

Advanced speech training is available to those who have completed the Competent Communication manual. Each of the 15 Advanced Communication Series manuals contains five speech projects. The manuals focus on various speech styles and each project builds upon the skills practiced in preceding manual projects.
The Advanced Communication Series manual titles are
• The Entertaining Speaker
• Speaking to Inform
• Public Relations
• Facilitating Discussion
• Specialty Speeches
• Speeches by Management
• The Professional Speaker
• Technical Presentations
• Persuasive Speaking
• Communicating on Video
• Storytelling
• Interpretive Reading
• Interpersonal Communication
• Special Occasion Speeches
• Humorously Speaking
Members refine and enhance their speaking skills by completing the projects in the advanced manuals and may become eligible for several awards: Advanced Communicator Bronze, Advanced Communicator Silver, and Advanced Communicator Gold.

Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)
To be eligible for this award, applicants must have:
• Achieved the Competent Communicator award (or former Competent Toastmaster award).
• Completed two Advanced Communication Series manuals.

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