Mentoring a Member-How to Manage a Club Mentor Program,

Handout 1163E


With a mentor, a new member:
 • Learns the program. Mentors help new members become familiar with the CC and CL manuals, club meeting roles, and opportunities available through membership.
 • Learns club standards and customs. Mentors help new members learn about the club and its activities.
 • Develops confidence. Armed with the knowledge mentors provide, new members’ self-confidence increases.
 • Participates more. Mentors help new members become familiar with and enjoy the club and its members. As a result, new members become more involved in club activities.
 • Quickly learns speaking skills. Mentors familiarize new members with the resources available to them and coach them with their speeches, enabling the new members to advance faster.

Mentoring-296AWith a mentor’s guidance, more experienced members:
1. Further refine skills. A mentor can provide helpful feedback to encourage the member to build upon and perhaps revitalize the skills they already possess.
2. Learn new skills. Existing members can always learn new skills.

Launching and Running Your Mentor Program
1. The “Mentoring” (Item 296) module from The Successful Club Series defines mentoring, explains benefits, and discusses responsibilities of mentors. Use this module to start your mentoring program.
2. Give a Mentor Interest Survey to all members. Each member should indicate if they want to:
• volunteer to be a mentor for a new member
• volunteer to be a mentor for an experienced member
• have a mentor help them learn new skills
Members can serve in more than one role at a time.
3. Collect and review the surveys and pair mentors with mentees. Use the Mentor Assignment Notice and Mentee Assignment Notice
to advise members about their assignments. Use the forms to review the responsibilities of mentors and mentees and answer any questions.
4. Provide time during meetings for mentors and mentees to meet and talk. Encourage communication outside of the club.
5. Monitor pairs and ensure mentors are fulfilling responsibilities.
6. Provide time during meetings for mentors to acknowledge mentees’ progress and successes.
7. Recognize successful mentors during a club meeting by presenting each with a mentor certificate.
8. Keep the mentor program healthy. Have members complete a Mentor Interest Survey at least once each year and assign mentors as needed.

This package contains:
• Instructions
• 20 Mentor Interest Surveys (Item 1163A)
• 20 Mentee Assignment Notices (Item 1163B)
• 20 Mentor Assignment Notices (Item 1163C)
• 1 Sample Mentor Certificate (Item 1163D)
• 1 Order Form

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