Table Topics Contestants
• Esther Hernandez
• Louise Hyland
• Jennifer Martin
• Doug Wheaton

• Jamaal Tatum
• Cindy Liebeck



International Speech Contestants
• Beatrice Grindall
 Anh Chi Pham
 Marina BarbRosa
• Quin Boyce
 Louise Hyland
 Lee Lance
 Ruchi Lamba

1:00 PM Registration

2:00 PM Start of Contest
• Call to Order : Sergeant at Arms • Edward Bridges
• Welcome: Vijay Chidambaram
 Master of Ceremonies: Lori Shapiro
 Pledge & Inspiration: Billy Yeh 
 Table Topics Contest Master: Jeanne Cassidy

3:00 PM 
• Break: Buy Opportunity Draw Tickets
• Opportunity Drawing: Charlotte Jayne Drake, Olimpo Palomino, Sukhmander Singh

3:15 PM 
• Resume Conduct of Meeting: Lori Shapiro
International Speech Contest Master:  Sandy Printer

4:30 PM 
• Last call for Opportunity Drawing
• Volunteer Recognition

4:45 PM 
• Contest Results
• Awards Presentation
 Division A Director: Vijay Chidambaram

5:00 PM End of Contest



• Division A Director: Vijay Chidambaram
• Contest Chair: Lori Shapiro
• Pledge & Inspiration: Billy Yeh
• Table Topics Contest Master: Jeanne Cassidy
• International Speech Contest Master: Sandy Printer
• Head Timer: Frannie Stein
• Timer 2: Ceara Crawford
• Chief Judge: Norman Stein
• Head Teller: Vicky Schroeder
• Tellers: Dhanaji Chavan, Jyothir Mohanty
• Lead Sergeant At Arms: Edward Bridges
• Assistant SAA: Ballabh Garg, Mani Shanmuganathan
• Opportunity Chair: Charlotte Jayne Drake
• Opportunity Assistants: Olimpo Palomino, Sukhmander Singh
• Registration Chairs: Howard Swerdloff, Juanita Gaglio
• Recognition Certificates: Olimpo Palomino
• Program, Agenda, Flyer, Website: Dinh Ta
• Digital Photography: Vernon Budinger, Roger Hamilton
• Divine Refreshments: Will Hanson, Katharine Hanson

Area A1 Director: Juanita Gaglio

Area A2 Director: Will Hanson

Area A2 Assistant Director: Katharine Hanson

Area A3 Director: Nadine Nofziger

Area A4 Director: Sandra Printer

Area A4 Assistant Director: Dinh Ta

Area A5 Director: Olimpo Palomino

Area A6 Director: Scott Vu

Area A7 Director: Dan Streit

Area A7 Assistant Director: Charlotte Jayne Drake

Treasurer: Howard Swerdloff

Public Relations Chair: Billy Yeh

Division Advisor: Lori Shapiro

Facility Chair: Ed Finkenberg

Division A Director: Vijay Chidambaram

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