Keeping the Commitment, Presenter’s Guide 297A


“Keeping the Commitment” examines A Toastmaster’s Promise and how members can benefit from upholding the principles of the promise. This product consists of four parts:
• Definition and explanation of the presentation
• Guidelines for your introduction to the audience
• Outline for the development of your speech
• CD of a PowerPoint presentation to be viewed along with your speech

Keeping-the-Commitment-297AIt takes time, commitment, and effort to reap the full benefits of Toastmasters membership. A Toastmaster’s Promise guides you through what it takes to fulfill your obligations to the club, your fellow members, and yourself.

Distribute A Toastmaster’s Promise cards (Item 402A) to each audience member and ask them to refer to the card during the presentation.

A Toastmaster’s Promise is a set of standards for members’ responsibilities to themselves and to the club. These standards revolve around three fundamental maxims:
• Participate
– Attend club meetings regularly. Regular attendance helps rapidly conquer fears, sharpen speaking skills, and bolster leadership proficiency.
– Prepare speech projects carefully. Toastmasters’ educational program builds skills through assignments. An alternate, personal curriculum defeats the purpose of measuring progress against a proven method.
•-Prepare and fulfill meeting assignments. Ill-prepared members miss the opportunity to learn and cheat fellow members out of what they may learn from the member’s contribution.
• Interact
– Provide helpful, constructive evaluations. Every Toastmaster deserves supportive feedback
with advice for improving speaking and leadership efforts.
– Promote a positive, friendly environment by arriving early to mingle and get to know members. Greet everyone and introduce yourself to guests.
– Serve as an officer. Club meetings require teamwork and planning. Without these things the club would suffer.
– Be respectful and courteous to everyone. Everyone deserves encouragement, support, and acknowledgment regardless of membership status or achievement level.
• Maintain Club Quality
– Bring guests. Give more people the benefits of Toastmasters’ program and introduce new personalities and ideas to the club.
– Follow guidelines and rules. Noncompliance diminishes the meaning and value of awards and achievements for yourself and others.
– Observe ethical standards. Ethics – in word and action – are just as important a part of the
Toastmasters learning program as is speaking and leadership training.

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