How to Be a Distinguished Club, Presenter’s Guide 299A


“How to be a Distinguished Club” discusses the importance and benefits of becoming Distinguished through club planning, goal-setting, goal achievement, and recognition. This product consists of four parts:
• Definition and explanation of the presentation
• Guidelines for your introduction to the audience
• Outline for the development of your speech
• CD of a PowerPoint presentation to be viewed along with your speech

How-to-Be -a-Distinguished-Club-299AThe club’s purpose is to provide an environment in which each member can achieve his or her goals. When a club offers plenty of speaking opportunities, helpful speech evaluations, and enough members to conduct the program, the member’s personal learning goals are achieved.
Just as each member has his or her own goals, the club, likewise, has goals to accomplish. When each member strives to reach these objectives, the purpose of the club is fulfilled and the member experience is enriched.

Two important areas of achievement for any club are educational awards and membership growth. The numbers for educational awards issued to members determine a club’s success in helping its members learn not only speaking skills but leadership skills as well.

Membership turnover is unavoidable as members move, change jobs, or encounter other situations that take them away from the club. A club must continually strive to bring in new members to combat this natural turnover, to provide a stronger leadership base, and to bring a flow of fresh new ideas and personalities.
At year-end (June 30), a club should have at least 20 members OR a net growth of at least five new members.

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